Best of Football Training Worldwide

Best of Football Training Worldwide

101 original coaching exercises from leading club and international managers, top international teams and the world’s best youth academies.

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“Look at the best, learn from the best, be the best!”

Learn from the best…

Every Coach who wants to be successful with his team and offer the best possible training and content to his players need to pay special attention to this question.

• What do the world’s best managers and teams do, how do they do it and why are they so successful?

Clear objectives for the development of a footballer can be derived from this question.

What does a football player have to experience in their training, to make sure they can perform at the highest level?

German soccer coaching Playing Ability

In football there are four important performance factors. These factors, however, are continuously influencing each other and must be seen in an overall context.
Instead of training individual competencies in isolation, a more holistic approach is key to success, where the training of performance is paramount.

The four major Performance factors can be broken down into numerous sub points, but these would go beyond the scope of the graph:

• Tactics
• Technique
• Athleticism
• Mental Factors

If a player is tactically, technically, athletically and mentally perfectly trained it is more likely the player will be able to perform at a high ability.

If the player achieves this and brings these four components of playing ability to the field, he automatically becomes self confident and has developed into a ‘impact’ player, one who performs at an optimum level at the weekend.

The more ‘impact’ players a team has that are positively managed by a coach who has a good plan at hand and a shared common goal, the greater the chance of success.

In “Best of Football Training Worldwide” you will find 101 exercises from the world’s best coaches, professional teams and junior academies, which have been researched over the years and thoroughly reviewed in order to be as effective as possible.

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All the exercises are based on a holistic concept and a tactical approach. Each exercise works on technical aspects of the game, with mental factors and athletic components also being trained at the same time. For this reason, the exercises are highly effective for all ages and performance levels.

The current worlds best coach, Pep Guardiola, confirms the importance of training in this statement.
“One plays, how one trains. Later, during the game, it depends on the talent of each individual player, whether the tactics are implemented or not. The tempo is dependent on the training. If you train badly, you play badly. If you work like a beast in training, you play the same way. And these guys, they train like beasts”
(Pep Guardiola- about training in football)

If you also really want to move forward with your team in the new season and if you want to ensure that in the future you base your training around the latest concepts and the best exercises that currently exist, then you will achieve more in the next season than you have in the past!

Before we describe the details it is important to know the following:

The content we have here is highly professional and compiled from years of experience of the world’s top coaches and football academies. They have been proven in practice at the highest level.

This product has been created so that coaches of all ages can successfully use the content. Content that has been tested numerous times and has received exclusively positive feedback.

Beat Naldi (Instructor of the Swiss Football Association, U18 Swiss Champion in youth elite football and 4x Swiss champion and Cup winner in women’s football):
“These forms of training were created with enthusiasm and many players take this enthusiasm in performing these exercises. Ball control offers an additional challenge for the players and by increasing skill level your enjoyment of the game grows. The complex nature and form of these exercises deserves attention and can highly motivate the participating players. The training exercises help us coaches achieve a meaningful and interesting design to our sessions. There are also training exercises that are apparent within the game. I can only further recommend this modern way of training and the advanced training exercises.”

And that is the point:

“Those who do not move with the times, move with the time” or “Do you really train or do you just lead a sporting activity?”

Football is constantly changing and an old way of training simply won’t bring you success anymore.

If you would like to successfully train and develop your players to the best of their ability, you have to look at how the best coaches and teams train and which exercises they use.

Training is by definition a systematic goal-orientated process to achieve an increase in performance. If you don’t plan your trainings toward a goal or target, you and your players end up simply taking part in a sporting activity and not improving performance.

There is always a big problem for coaches, however, when they are working on their plan for training. That is, that they do not have a lot of time, and often lack the knowledge of how they should set up the whole process.

For this specific reason, “Best of Football Training Worldwide”(Order here) has been created.

640 x 480
This is what you receive exactly:

First of all you get 101 exercises that you can incorporate into your training immediately and have been researched for years, how the best of the best train.

Each individual exercise is described so clearly, that you can implement the exercises easily like a professional coach.

This means, you get 101 exercises that guarantee a varied and extremely effective training schedule throughout a whole season, through which you will perform successfully at the weekend.

The best thing is that you are always prepared for every training session and therefore you can concentrate on your players instead of considering strategy or the content of training.
Here are just some of the bullet points of content included in this concentrated knowledge and training system:

• 101 original training exercises from world leading club and international managers, top teams and the worlds’ best youth academies
• Exercises in which Pep Guardiola coached the short passing game
• TIKITAKA like FC Barcalona
• Tactical exercises to perfect the coordination of the individual parts of the team
• How Ralf Rangnick (RB Leipzig, FC Schalke) perfected the back four
• Finishing exercises that José Mourinho uses
• Super fast counter attack like Jürgen Klopp (BVB, Liverpool)
• Fast forward play and counter pressing with a successful exercise from Thomas Tuchel
• Game-realistic endurance training with the ball from professional environments such as Ajax youth academy.
• The favourite training exercise of Louis Van Gaal (Manchester United, Bayern Munich, Holland)
• Two extremely effective exercises from Hervé Renard, who won 2 African Cup of Nations titles with Zambia and Ivory Coast.
• A technical and tactical exercise from Chile’s Coach Jorge Sampaoli who won the 2015 Copa America.

…And much much more, in this report you get more than 100 exercises! 115 pages full of high quality training content from the worlds best football coaches!


As you can rightly see, that’s a whole lot of content we have packed in for you; top exercises and strategies of leading coaches, professional teams and leading youth teams. The content that nobody else can offer you. These exercises were in fact worked on over years by evaluating scientific literature, numerous training visits, job shadowing, coaches meetings, personal interviews and streaming of video footage.

But it gets better still!

Because all the exercises are detailed with the exact coaching points and how to set up each exercise, you can be 100% sure that the exercises can be implemented exactly to the football pitch.

Once you have these highly effective exercises, you’ll train your team optimally with exercises that have proven themselves at the highest level, which will ensure you can move forward into the new season successfully.

Your results will improve. Guarantied!

This is what you have to do:

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So you really can only win…

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We wish you lots of fun and success.

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